Edison's Electronic Review - 461 - Some Techno

OMG I am so glad to see the end of this week. A really long and stressful week. I just want to listen to some awesome techno. Which some Bulgarian artists, 4t Thieves, will supply, first, followed by Australians Aleckats, and then Matti T (German).  

That’s right, 2 hours of Techno, and on Radiospiral.net. What fun! 

Still Life 4:35 4T Thieves Hauntology

Echo Lake 4:09 4T Thieves Hauntology

Daytime Astronomy 6:25 4T Thieves Hauntology

Tessellations (The Music Box) 2:20 4T Thieves Hauntology

Artifacts of Nature 4:33 4T Thieves Hauntology

Past Inside the Present 5:20 4T Thieves Hauntology

Summer breeze and autumn leaves 4:31 4T Thieves Hauntology

Time in reverse 4:25 4T Thieves Hauntology

Orange Sunshine 6:18 4T Thieves Hauntology

Tessellations (The Synth) 2:13 4T Thieves Hauntology

Lost Futures 5:23 4T Thieves Hauntology

Aquaverde 5:18 4T Thieves Hauntology

Painting with Light 3:25 4T Thieves Hauntology

Dark_Moon 6:13 Aleckat Dark Moon EP

Others 6:46 Aleckat Dark Moon EP

Dusty 6:49 Aleckat Dark Moon EP

Tempest 7:50 Aleckat Dark Moon EP

Extract 5:53 Aleckat Dark Moon EP

Glow 6:02 Matti T Colors EP

Delusion 5:43 Matti T Colors EP

Sunbeams 4:25 Matti T Colors EP

Escape From One’s Memory 7:13 Matti T Colors EP 

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