It’s a Sunday evening, so it will soon be Blue Water Drift Dive time.

Tonight is dark ambience night. I won’t be so obvious as to state the theme directly, but those of you who know me will be able to hazard a good guess. But then again, maybe not. There are certainly multiple reasons that tonight’s show will be the bleakest that I can muster. Through tonight’s music, we will be plumbing the depths of darkness, despair, ashes, and the collapse of all that is good. Join me for this celebration, for tonight we will wallow in it.

There will also be a live set.

The show happens tonight at 10p/9p/8p/7p ET/CT/MT/PT (2a UTC), immediately following the end of Tony Gerber’s fantastic Ambient Sundays program, and will last at least 2 hours. As with all programs, the emphasis is on community, so of course there is a live chat.

To listen: click here

To chat in Slack: click here (or click here for more instructions)

To chat in Second Life: click here

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