Edison's Electronic Review - 485

01. Pen Parker – New Earth Part 2
02. Pen Parker – My Love
03. Pen Parker – Eva Cosmiccat
04. Pen Parker & Sobrio – Suburb
05. Pen Parker & Johny Glitch – Revolutionary FS.04
06. Pen Parker & The Sunrise – They Arrived
07. Pen Parker & Testing Of Sound – Sample Beatt
08. Pen Parker – Minimal Design Part 2
09. Pen Parker – He Sits Inside

“The day that forgot to break” is the third album by Purple Mountain Peal. This release marks a more piano driven declination of what the duo has to offer in terms of improvisation, creativity and madness. To sum up, what you are about to witness is less chaos and more melody. Take it with a grain of salt by the way, it’s Purple Mountain Peal after all…

10. Purple Mountain Peal – The Day That Forgot To Break
11. Purple Mountain Peal – Serenade To A Dying Star
12. Purple Mountain Peal – This One’s On The House
13. Purple Mountain Peal – Do Not Leave Your Dreams Unattended

Habett – Tamed
The summer is reduced to the cliffs of mental clay, as the clock spins around the bridge. The attracted fractal visions. Then be the bass that roots the groove. Then be the drums and the synths.
I wanted the taste of wax and the spinning surface.
To face the hues.
To me

14. DJ Habett – Next to Nothing (forget the shops)
15. DJ Habett – Personal Harm
16. DJ Habett – Neptune Rose
17. DJ Habett – Fat Controler
18. DJ Habett – Lone Range
19. DJ Habett – Trudaine Tear
20. DJ Habett – Wide Stacks

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