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Live space music pioneer Tony Gerber has been performing live music in front of audiences and live radio since he was 9 years old. For his space music projects, live and recorded, he mixes a love of electronic music with guitars, harmonicas, native flutes and other musical instrument surprises. There is of course his blues projects as well… you will hear the blues influence in his music at times. Gerber was also a very early pioneer of internet radio dating back to 1995 in Nashville, TN. In 1999 – 2001, his internet SPACE RADIO was a number one or top 5 station at the famed site where there were over 140,000 radio stations… In 2006 he started a real life radio show for the community radio station in Nashville, TN that also broadcast into the virtual world of Second Life. He has championed space music as a performer, a recording artist, radio host, video artist and creative producer for many events over the years. Carrying on the tradition of his Space for Music brand, started as a space music listening group in 1985, Gerber now takes to the airwaves again as part of the wonderful network of shows. Pulling from over 50 artists who have been involved with Space for Music over the years as a performer or a recording label mate. Included in these 2 hour shows will many times be a one hour live presentation from Tony Gerber at his studio outside of Nashville, Tennessee. He has released over 50 albums of music in various forms in his career thus far. He is also one of the original pilot’s of the American electronic space music group, SPACECRAFT. You can discover more about him at


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Sundays 6-7pm Pacific/SLT
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Music from over 50 artists who have been involved with Space for Music over the years... […]