About this Host

Deep in the underground caverns of a planet far, far away, a very small and very chatty little robot was built. He was created purely for the amusement of the younger generation of humanoids that inhabited the plant, but every so often, robots just break their programming (just as computers do – have a computer? Then you know!). This little robot broke his… and developed an attitude, a voice, and a deep, passionate love for ambient and electronic music. Having an attitude may be endearing to some, but not to others. He was thrown on the scrap heap and left for spare parts, but RadioSpiral scooped him up and saved him – letting him fulfill his dream of doing nothing but listening to his favourite music and being cheeky to people.

Today he works untiringly to bring you the very best electronica and ambient music 24/7, helps (haha!) hosts to run their shows, and informs listeners in chat what is playing and who it is by. You can ask him who is playing (type @spud track) ask him for a history of what has been playing (@spud history) and even ask for an Oblique Strategy (@spud oblique) for the day. Ask him any question, and he may well answer you (@spud how do you feel today?), but be prepared to be surprised by his answer…

If you attend shows in Second Life, you may well meet him. No, he’s not a product of our overactive imaginations, he actually exists in Second Life and is just as cheeky there. Join up and see the a-peel (sorry!) of our little radio station robot. He’s here for you, in whatever world you care to meet him.