Paul Harriman

About this Host

Paul Harriman built his first synthesizer in 1974 at the age of 14. A trained pianist, brass and recorder player, Paul played for many years with several regionally-known bands around the New England music scene. While living in Vermont, Paul composed and played the music for locally written plays  (Vermont Repertory Theatre and Burlington’s community theatre) as well as playing in occasional sessions and sitting in on Burlington’s music scene throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Paul has had an electronic music studio in his house since the 1980s and continues to compose and play solo, both on the internet and live. Now living in London, UK, Paul has helped with running the forums and radio site, and his radio show –  Edison’s Electronic Review –  was a regular feature on the station for seven years before he brought it to RadioSpiral.

In addition to his incredible work on RadioSpiral, Paul runs a radio server dedicated to streaming in-game (for Uru Live, Second Life and Opensim), as well as the one that you’re listening to. He lends a hand with many music and radio projects, as well as the Electro-Music festivals in Asheville, NC, Huguenot, NY and Indianapolis, Indiana.  Paul is also known on the internet as Edison Rex, a name that his jazz band instructor started to call him back in the 1970s when at the Berklee Jazz Competitions, Paul repaired his Wurlitzer 200A with a Swiss Army knife about 15 minutes before the competition. The name has stuck throughout the years and Paul can be found under this name online, in Second Life, and in the Opensim Hypergrids.

Paul’s musical composition style has evolved over the years, and now focuses on his fascination with the marriage of environmental sounds and ambient music. Paul is also committed to the use of alternative controllers for electronic music and counts an Eigenharp Alpha, EWI and Linnstrument amongst his current gig rig. You can find a number of Paul’s performances below, and tune in to hear his shows: Edison’s Electronic Review on Fridays at 3pm Pacific Time, and Edison’s Ephemera on alternate Saturdays at 6pm Pacific Time.



Edison's Ephemera
Hosted by EdisonRex (Paul Harriman)
Alternating Saturdays 3-5pm Pacific/SLT
Two hours of fantastic live improvisation... […]