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Mike has a Ph.D. in nuclear structure physics, and his education and science career served as the backdrop for his early work as an electronic musician, including the formation of his production company, Atomic City. These days, he mainly uses his Ph.D. in fast food restaurants, where orders for “Dr. Mike” don’t result in every Mike in the building jumping up at once, and at trade shows, where the Ph.D. on his business card is great for starting conversations and stopping snake-oil salesmen.

Until recently, Mike made his living as the Editor of Recording, The Magazine for the Recording Musician, reviewing gear and dispensing wisdom to musicians interested in recording their own music or developing a business recording for other musicians. He’s now moved to a part-time Consulting Editor position and is using his newly-open schedule to build up a writing/editing consultancy called Atomic Wolf LLC.

He has some really good friends in the world of music, and thrives on communication and connection; where others collect synthesizers, he collects synthesists.

He has a presence on Facebook and Twitter (@MrSpiral), where his policy starts with “first, do no harm”—where by “harm” he means “spamming people until they hate you.”

He lives in northern Colorado in the USA, with his family. His wife Suzanne is a faculty member at Western Governors University; his older daughter Julia is in college, learning to take over civilization as we know it; and his younger daughter AJ is also known as Mystery Bubble – the youngest ambient performing artist in the world.

Along with Diana Smethurst, Mike started RadioSpiral as just two shows, playing every week. Now you can hear his show, Meander, every Monday at 5pm Pacific – and you can listen to RadioSpiral 24/7! Visit his website for much more!


Hosted by Mr. Spiral/Spiral Sands (Mike Metlay)
Tuesdays 6-8pm Pacific/SLT
Seltzer, soundscapes, Rants, Kvetches, and WAAAAAAAY too much reverb... […]