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About ten years ago Diana met an avatar in Second Life called Spiral Sands, and through him got to know the real life man, Mike Metlay. He introduced Diana to the world of ambient and electronic music, which he makes himself (and is pretty darned good). She got listening to his show and became hooked.

One day, he couldn’t make his show and the station wanted it to run. Diana offered to host it for him, as she was already a DJ of a different genre of music in Second Life. She sat in for him, and the rest is history. She was given her own show and hosted it for a couple of years and then followed Mike over to RadioSpiral to help him run the station, along with Rebekkah HilgravesPaul Harriman and Joe McMahon.

When she isn’t not hosting “Around the Campfire”, or playing Eminence Grise to Mike, she is Copy Editor for Recording magazine. She lives in Lancashire, England and firmly believes that all the people who choose to live in this beautiful part of the world are partly duck, because it rains so often. She’s married to Gordon – the most patient man in the world and definitely part-duck – and has two grown children, two grown step-children and four step-grandchildren.

Diana now makes ambient and electronic music herself, and has released several albums and singles, individually and in collaborations and compilations. You can find much of her music (some is downloadable free) on her site.

Join Diana every Wednesday at 6pm Pacific for her show “Around the Campfire”, where she tells a story through music, with a weekly theme, and usually plays some live music for you, too.



Hosted by Gypsy Witch (Diana Smethurst)
Wednesdays 6-8pm Pacific/SLT
Taking a theme each week, the titles of the tracks represent the theme and tell their own kind of story... […]