Mike Metlay (a.k.a. Mr.Spiral or, if you prefer, Spiral Sands in Second Life) hosts Meander every Monday: a casual stroll through seltzer and soundscapes, full of eclectic electronica and punctuated by Mike’s live improv ambient Rants and Kvetches, as well as waaaaay too much reverb. A hugely popular show, with one of the stalwarts of […]

Around the Campfire

Join your host, Gypsy Witch, and sit around the virtual campfire and listen to a themed show of beautiful ambient music.

Space for Music (S4M)

Tune in Thursdays for "Space for Music", hosted by veteran live music host and performer Tony Gerber. He brings music from over 50 artists who have been involved with Space for Music over the years as a performer or a recording label mate. Included in many of these 2 hour shows will be a one […]

Ambient Sundays

Tony Gerber's hour of LIVE Sunday immersion music. Join us every week from 6-7pm Pacific/SLT on RadioSpiral!