I’m coming off a 24-hour fast and a way-too-big dinner to make up for it, and on top of that I still haven’t kicked the COVID fatigue. (Yes, I fasted while recovering from COVID. The fact that I am sometimes an idiot should be a surprise to no one.) So I am not up for my usual energetic presentation… but I’m not tired enough to take the night off and let Spud do the work.

For my show tonight, that means one of two things will happen: either I am going to do one of my extremely chilled and drone-laden Journey Into Silence improvs, or I am going to fill my show with similarly themed beat-free and chilled music by other artists. (I think the most likely option is that I will start with one and end with the other.)

Who knows? I might even take requests. Assuming it’s an artist I’m allowed to play, of course.

So tonight is a chance for you to come de-jangle with me. We start at 6 PM Pacific Time / SLT. You can just listen in, chat on our Discord, or join us in Second Life (set Environment to Midnight, we’ll be at the Beach Shack watching the moonlight over the infinite ocean). See you then!