Last week, we began an exploration of the music of ambient artist Forrest Fang, from his earliest works to material created in the early 2010s. This week we bring our tour into the present day… guided (if all goes well) by Mr. Fang himself!

Forrest has told us that he plans to join the discussion on our Discord server this evening, chatting with listeners about the featured albums and other things the audience might be curious about.

In the first hour, we will hear tracks from The Fata Morgana Dream (2019), Ancient Machines (2019), and The Book of Wanderers (2020). In the second hour, tracks from Forever Cascades (2021) and The Lost Seasons of Amorphia (2022) will be followed by selections from Forrest’s brand new album The Oort Cloud Meditations, whose official release is on the 22nd but might be dropping on the Projekt Records Bandcamp page as early as today.

The magic begins at 6 PM PDT / SLT. Join Forrest in the Discord, listen along in Second Life (we’ll be in the Orrery, a suitable locale for such cosmic music), or just tune in for a taste of what this extraordinary artist has given the music world. See you then!