Forrest Fang is now well into his fifth decade of making beautiful ambient music. His compositions combine electronics, rich sound processing, and acoustic instruments to form uniquely absorbing soundscapes that lean toward the lyrical and expressive. On this and the next Meander, we’re going to take a historical walk through Forrest’s long and storied career, starting near the beginning and eventually arriving at the present day.

Thanks to the kind assistance of the folks at Projekt Records, we’ve been able to assemble a pretty good chunk of Forrest’s output, and in Part 1 of this trek, we’ll be featuring tracks from six of his albums.

In our first hour, we’ll hear tracks from the early releases Some Brighter Stars (1982), Migration (1986), and The Wolf At The Ruins (1989). Our second hour will feature the much more recent titles The Sleepwalker’s Ocean (2016), Following The Ether Sun (2017), and Scenes From A Ghost Train (2018), as well as a few rarities from compilations graced by Forrest’s music. (Yes, we know there’s a huge gap in the middle there… some of his albums from that period were released on labels that are a lot less helpful to us than Projekt has been, and we’re working on the others.)

This odyssey through the extraordinary sounds of Forrest Fang begins at 6 PM PDT/ SLT. Join us in Second Life, chat in Discord, or just listen… but don’t miss this incredible collection of music.