Many of our listeners will know of the work of Jon Hassell, the eclectic and soulful composer who coined the term “Fourth World Music” for his mixture of electronic textures and signal processing with the trademark wail of his trumpet playing. Tonight we’ll listen to the beautiful tribute album FOURTH WORLD IS from our friends at the Aural Films netlabel, released after Hassell’s death.

We explore multiple worlds (not just four) through sixteen tracks by Anantakara, Ben Presto, Brook Haven, Christian Feisel, DJ_Iterate, Dr Lum, Hagen von Bergen, Jack Hertz, Jaime Munarriz, Leandro Kalén, m00m, Numina, Peter Davidson, Robert Scott Thompson, Scott Lawlor & Wings Of An Angel, and Stockmans & Fiesel. There will also be a highly amusing Live Ambient miniRant where Mr. Spiral attempts to enter the Fourth World without a map, a compass, or proper adventuring gear.

The fun begins at 6 PM PDT / SLT. We’ll see you in Discord, in the Jungle Temple in Second Life, or you can just listen in. We hope you enjoy this wonderful tribute to a remarkable musical visionary. See you then!