Tonight on Meander, we bring you the music of Kit Watkins. Originally known as a member of American progressive rock band Happy The Man, Kit has also played and toured with groups like Camel, and has a solo career stretching back to 1981, when he was creating entire albums in his home studio on 4-track reel tape and selling LPs and then CDs. For the most part he’s always been self-published, and a chunk of his catalog was made available for free on the Earth Mantra netlabel several years ago, from which it entered the RadioSpiral playlist. Now, however, he has released nearly his entire catalog to the world in the same way, and we’re celebrating being able to bring this amazing music to you.

On tonight’s show, we’re going to run through most of Kit’s catalog chronologically, with one track each from his first LP Labyrinth (1981) through his last album Field Of View (2017, after a ten-year hiatus). We’ll have to skip his one-track longplayers, of course: Mockingbird Mantras and Music For The End are over an hour each. But we will close with his second-to-last album Land (2007), a 22-minute single-track EP, in its entirety.

I hope you can join me for this 40-year digest of an amazing musician’s amazing music. We start at 6 PM PDT/SLT and you can join us in Discord, in Second Life, or just listen in! See you soon!

(And yes, that image is a collage of his album art, with bits and pieces carefully overlapped from far left, counterclockwise to the upper left corner. Extra points for you Kit fans who recognize them all!)