Even though I was born in this month (my birthday was this past week, it was very nice, thank you), I think November is the most miserable of months, of all of the miserable months in a year there are. It has not stopped raining since before Halloween, the leaves won’t fall off the trees although they are now a dull brown, the temperature is up and down and it’s dark now. The only thing to look forward to is 4 more months of darkness and crap weather. Oh, there’s Christmas in there, but that’s the solstice and was all about looking forward to the end of misery.

Anyway, I’m going to try not to be too morose in my playing, there is at least one vignette trying to bring back summer. I usually play well when I am not in a wonderful mood, so that might work out after all. So if I haven’t chased you away with my November mood, you might enjoy listening. If you do miss it, it will be on my last-10-shows listing at https://aegura2.harriman4.com/ephemera.php where, you guessed it already, the last 10 shows are available for downloading/streaming.