This is not really my favourite time of the year. Halloween aside, which is kinda fun, the weather just sucks, and the darkness comes earlier and earlier. It doesn’t mean much to me that November is my birth month, I don’t blame Scorpios for being the way they are, being born in this month. There, that’s off my chest. It’s all downhill until the Solstice.

So anyway, musically it usually works out well when I get in these moods. I hope this one works out, as I sit here preparing it, I’m thinking it should work out once I get all the oscillators in tune.

Feel free to listen in, if its just on the radio and not in our chat or in one of the virtual worlds, that is fine.

As always the last 10 recorded shows are at so if you missed one or are just curious, that’s somewhere you can check out these shows.