It finally happened to me, after avoiding it for so many years. I caught Covid. The latest strain apparently is quite catching. And miserable. But I seem to have survived and hopefully without too many ill effects.

It’s also dreadfully hot here in the UK this week. Apparently summer came late to the party, here it is mid-September and it’s in the mid-30s C (90s F) and my studio is probably a bit hotter than that. When I had a fever I thought it was chilly.

Anyway, I came back from 3eee in Spain with a few ideas hopefully I can try, being dreadfully ill this week I didn’t have time to fix the Eigenharp, but I should be able to make do on the Linnstrument. I’m going to try to have energy, but I could as easily mellow out on piano. We’ll see what I have energy for. Pretty much anything could happen. It will be live, however.

Hope you can tune in and join me.