This weekend, At Water’s Edge is back at the western edge of the U.S., and the program today reflects that, with music that spans two decades and thousands of miles.

We’ll hear from Greg Hurley, Paul Nagle, Stephen Briggs, SiJ, Bing Satellites, Jack Hertz, Pamplemousse, Ontol, Sonoprint, and Ozone Player.

At Water’s Edge, 1 December 2018: Sunset, Sunrise

This week on At Water’s Edge, another challenge episode! Similar to the M2m (Major to minor) challenge, the artists were to start with something dark, and then shift it to light by the end, or vice-versa…

Three artists stepped up to the challenge: playman54, Glenn Sogge, and George L Smyth.

Elevator Music

Elevator Music

At long last! It’s time for the “Elevator Music” challenge episode! We have some GREAT entries for it, too! Join us @RadioSpiral starting at 12 noon Pacific/SLT for At Water’s Edge: Elevator Music!