We continue to explore non Ektoplazm Artists, namely some old friends.. Burning Artist(s) Sale and Copal River, be sure to bring your yoga mat, or a comfy pillow because these are some serious chill out and relaxing tracks

Tonight on Ambitar Radio

The Boss: When was the last time you did a show without any Ekoplasm tracks? Me: Ummmmm.. The Boss: Exactly… SO Since I’m technically a bionic man, after the 6 hour day to have the above little beaut installed. I thought I’d change things up a...

Tonight on Ambitar: Takeout?

Tonight we are going to chill again and listen to some softer tracks from Ektoplazm, they are tagged as psydub but I don’t think that accurately describes them. I will call them the Yak and Yeti set… plentiful, tasty, and a slight hint of Indian flavor, be...


Well good news all, I finally got my medical release to return to work! Tonight we celebrate with more EKtoplazm and a live Kerchunkage so be sure to tune in!  

Time to chill

The past couple of months sure have been exciting and full of adventures. I’m kinda in the mood to chill a little bit. I’ve gone through and culled together some of the “softer” tracks from Ektoplazm and tossed them into the playlist. Feel free...