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118 – Ten Little Dreams and One Bonus Nightmare The first album is by Go Ask Alice and it’s called Ten Little Dreams (and one bonus nightmare). This is from La Bel Netlabel. Following that is something from the Far From Showbiz netlabel, a new find from...
Monochrome Masquerade

Monochrome Masquerade

Spring is here!

Spiral, Duke Orlov has decided to put on a grand masquerade ball and everyone is invited! Join him in his private theater to hear wonderful live music all day and evening and dance in a beautiful art deco style setting.

The theme is black and white, and if you want to really get into the mood, then an outfit from the 1920s would fit right in. You don’t have one? Never fear, we’ve got you covered with free outfits for most avatars. If you have a mask too, so much the better — it is a masquerade ball, after all!