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RadioSpiral offers a ton of ways to connect now. You found us here, but did you know we also have a presence in Second Life, a Twitch channel, and a YouTube channel? Plus we do lots of live stuff on a regular basis, in studio and in Second Life. Check us out!



RadioSpiral Media Connections

All the Things!

Second Life

RadioSpiral is one of the very few stations with a persistent presence in Second Life. Come find us by navigating via your regular web browser to

Quarterly Live Music Marathons

We do live music marathons about once per quarter. You can usually find information about those shows at

Chat with us!

Are you sensing a trend? Yep, you can get to our chat, which uses the excellent Discord system, by hitting!


Learn about Second Life

Are you new to Second Life? Our awesome SL builder, program host, and co-admin, Gypsy Witch, has created a great series of tutorial videos at 
(and find out more about RadioSpiral’s Second Life presence here).


Many of our hosts present live performances from their studios, and you can often see them on our Twitch channel, You’ll also see live festivals there, such as NEEMFest and Mountain Skies.


Live Studio Shows

Many of our hosts present live performances from their studios. You can see both the live performances and archives at

The Shop

With regular on air music challenges, and recordings of live on-air performances, our shop helps support station operations. Find it at

Calendar of Events

Let’s just make this easy: you can find our calendar by going to

Social Media

We’re pretty active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube — you can find detailed descriptions of our upcoming events, podcasts, great images, and more at

So Many Ways to Connect!

And here’s one more!

Just want to connect or give us feedback? Here’s the place to do that.

(If you’re a new artist and would like us to consider your music for airplay, head on over to our Artist Release page to fill out the form there. You can use this page to send us new music if you’ve already completed the release form.)

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