Welcome to captivating electronica, 24 hours a day.

Hosted Programs

RadioSpiral brings you great electronic and electro-acoustic music 24 hours a day. We feature hosts, live music, and special events regularly.

Join the Community

RadioSpiral maintains an active community via our Slack chat. Artists, listeners, and hosts mingle to discuss the music, literature, art, food, beer. We avoid politics whenever possible.

Second Life

RadioSpiral is one of the few stations that maintains an active and persistent presence in Second Life. You can usually find our staff there during hosted programs, and we host regular live music marathons throughout the year. Come and join us!

Live Events

RadioSpiral does frequent live events, whether it’s hosting music marathons in Second Life or broadcasting from live remote events such as ContinuuCon, Mountain Skies, NEEMFest, and others. Check the calendar for upcoming events!